Alantis' "Tundra"
bicho's "Bad Influences".
Bill Kraemer's "Deinstitutionalized".
Coma Coz's "Bus Nights". 
Dink's "Paper Chase EP".
Dink's "Reflections".
Gusto's (now Augustus Williams) "Get Yours".
Henneke's "Outside Systems of Human Presumption"
My "Sammy the Automated Sharebroker" single.
Kero's "TCKR Concept".
Kevin Castro's "Superfalt" digital version.
lingk's "The Grid".
m.e.h.r.'s "Press & Release"
Various artist Halloween compilation "Memento mori".
Platonic Lovers' "Sweet Sweet".
Sean Bartley's "The Future is Naomi". Original image was purchased and then heavily edited.
Skelta's "Stark Light".
SPLINTrd's "Staring Out of Windows".
SPLINTrd's "Watching Night Come Amber".
Tatem's "Paper Number Letter".
TerranceK's "Night Moves". Original image is an edited, free stock photo.
"The Dink & TerranceK EP" by Dink & TerranceK.
TK's "Loose Hips & Spain".
TODD's "Tough Summer EP".
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